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Kids Furniture


The ins and outs of kids furniture

Kids furniture has been designed to be as safe as possible, while still offering style and functionality. This makes it easy for eager parents to create an enjoyable space for their child to learn and play in. Giving a child their own space is important as it allows them a peaceful area that they can call ‘theirs’.

When deciding which kids furniture you’ll want in their room, it’s best to start by looking how much available space you have to work with. There’s no point buying a whole suite of furniture only to find that it won’t fit.

The kid's furniture options every parent should consider are:

  • Bed: Depending on whether you plan on making ‘their space’ their bedroom or a separate playroom, it’s best to start with where they will be sleeping. Once a bed is chosen, you may want to base the rest of the furniture in their room around that style of decor.

  • Storage devices: Between shelves, drawers and cabinets, you’ll want a way to organise the clutter and clothing after a long day of play.

  • Chairs and desks: From drawing to reading, your child will want a space where they can comfortably sit and work at. If buying mismatched chairs and tables won’t suit the decor of the room, consider buying a table and chairs package instead.

  • Toy box: With whatever space left they have in their room, you may want to think about where their toys will be kept while not in use. A toy box is the easiest solution and will prevent their room turning into a major tripping hazard.

Whether you are creating a princess-themed room or matching the kid's bedroom with the rest of the house, explore the Myer Market’s wide range of kids furniture online today!