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Cot Mattresses


Cot Mattress Safety

Finding the right size

As explained above, the cot mattress you choose must be no more than:

  • 20mm from any cot side while centred on the mattress base
  • 40mm from any cot side when the mattress is pushed to one side or end

Typically, the cot manufacturer will label the correct mattress size on the base of the cot and in the product manual.


While currently, it's a voluntary standard, It's extremely important to select a cot mattress that meets AS/NZS 8811.1:2013. This Australian Standard outlines the firmness a cot mattress to be. Although the exact method used to test this standard by the government has not been disclosed, it can be replicated at home using various methods, such as CDs and milk cartons.

Essentially, a cot mattress needs to be fairly firm compared to an 'adult mattress' so as to stop the baby suffocating if it rolls on its stomach. Before buying a cot mattress, check with the retailer whether they have passed AS/NZS 8811.1:2013 or not.