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Wall Clocks – more than just a pretty face

Other than providing obvious functional benefits, the right clock can add character and enhance the current look of a room. However, knowing which clock is right for your home or office can be difficult.

Typically when choosing a clock, you’ll want to decide whether you want it to stand out against your current decor or blend seamlessly into it.

  • If you want it to stand out, choose a clock that goes against the current style of the room. For example, if the room features a monotone colour scheme, choosing a brightly coloured timepiece or wall clock with a unique textured finish will make it become a focal point in the room

  • If you want your clock to seamlessly blend into the decor, select one that matches the current style. For example, if your decor is rustic, find a wall clock that matches the tones of your furniture and art pieces

From oversized modern wall clocks to intrinsic metal alarm clocks, regardless of your chosen style, The Myer Market has a clock perfectly suited to your home or office decor!