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Baby Cots


Finding the best baby bed

The centrepiece of any nursery, the cot is where your child will be spending most of their early years sleeping and relaxing. Because of this, it is import to choose a cot that is both safe and comfortable for your little one.

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Which cot to choose?

Whether you're looking for baby's first cot, or something for your toddler to grow in to, these are the most important aspects to consider when shopping for a cot:

  • Safety: All cots sold in Australia must adhere to AS/NZS 2172:2003, the Australian Standard for household cots. These guidelines detail specific distances between bars and slats, how deep the base must be and other important safety aspects to prevent any child from hurting themselves or falling out of the cot.

  • Comfort: How comfortable a cot is will be usually determined by the mattress. Unlike like the mattress found on our beds, cot mattresses need to be a fair bit firmer. This is to prevent a child from suffocating if they rolled onto their stomach while asleep.

  • Features: Apart from choosing a cot that matches the decor of your baby nursery, modern cots come with an abundance of convenient features such as being able to convert to a toddler bed, to wheels which make them easy to shift around the house.

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