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Combining bold, intrinsic patterns with vibrant colours, the Bohemian style taps into your nomadic spirit.

Bohemian rugs can work as a centre-piece to a room or subtly reinforcing the current decor style.

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Coastal Hamptons

Through a soft palette of whites, creams, light yellows and shades of blue, the Coastal Hamptons style is all about creating a relaxing seaside getaway in your own home.

The Coastal Hamptons style will make every day feel like summer, even if the weather outside doesn’t agree.

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Taking subtle cues from the world around us, Natural style rugs deliver earthy colours and textures to bring us closer to nature.

Natural style rugs tend to be simplistic and are designed to enhance the character of a room, rather than make a bold statement.

Tactile Textures

Rather than focussing on aesthetics, Tactile Texture style rugs are designed to enlighten your senses through a combination of materials and patterns on the rug.

Many rugs of this style feature contrasting strips of material such as straw and cotton or raised sections of carpet to create different feels.

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Transitional Vintage

Combining vintage styling with modern fabrics and textures, Transitional Vintage style is about bringing the best bits of the past into the future.

Furthermore, Transitional Vintage-style rugs are often designed to look like they have been distressed through use and age.


The embodiment of modern simplicity, Scandi style rugs feature simple line patterns and colour schemes to bring warmth and charm to a home.

Grey marle is also a prominent colour scheme in many Scandi style rugs, as it helps bring balance and neutrality to a room’s decor.

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Influenced by metal textures and the mechanical world, Industrial style rugs tend to have a darker colour palette than the other styles.

Industrial style rugs work best in modern homes featuring exposed brick walls and hardwood floors but can be still used to effect in most contemporary styled abodes.


Add warmth and texture to your outdoor living space with an Outdoor rug. These types of rugs are often more durable than their indoor counterparts, allowing them to withstand harsh outdoor conditions better.

Outdoor rugs are best utilised on decking, concrete and tiling where the ground is cold or you want to protect the finish. They can also compliment your current outdoor decor and make your space feel cosier.

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Fun, quirky and colourful – Kids rugs let you add some excitement and character to your child's room. Covered in fun patterns to suit a range of ages and tastes, Kids rugs often combine tactile materials to create playful designs.

Ready to rejuvenate your space? A Kids rug is a great addition to any child's bedroom or playroom!

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