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Create a Study Space on you'll love.

Create the Study Space you Love

Set yourself up for a flying start to the year by creating a study space that you love. Think about how much time you’re going to spend working away at that desk. A happy space is a productive space, so turn that study nook into a term-time place that’s truly yours. Handy storage and design hacks makes it a breeze to organise yourself.

Read our four top tips and tricks to create your ultimate study space.


When you’re neck deep in assignments, there’s really no such thing as too much storage. There’s always cables or a pile of paper clips that needs a home. Baskets, like these Waterhyacinth Rectangular Storage Baskets can store everything and anything, from your laundry, to your notebooks from MiGoals. INARTISAN baskets are made from natural fibres using traditional weaving techniques, to provide beautiful functional pieces with a textural feel. For a designer look, buy a set, not only does it look great, but it’s also just super practical.

Buy Multitasking Items

There’s nothing worse than clutter, so buying items that have more than one use is a multi-functional win-win. Take Moebe’sPinch Clip and Wall Hook available from Designstuff. A delightfully simple design, PINCH consists of two pieces of solid oak and a single rubber band. Use it to hang up any odd bits and pieces; papers, notes to remember, photos, clothes, to-do lists, jewelry or your thinking hat. Super practical whilst looking fab

Make it personal

The key to creating a space that you love working in is to make it personal. Wall prints are a great way to bring colours and words that inspire your creativity, to make a study area where you’re at your most productive. With a little combined wisdom and inspirational words from these Winnie the Pooh and Almond Tree Designs prints, wall art like these are sure to make anyone smile and feel more positive, because who doesn't need a little reminding every now and then of how brave, strong, smart and beautiful they are.

Think Green

For a finishing touch that makes a big difference, take a humble indoor pot plant and turn it into your own unique art piece with a designer stand. Something as simple as a plant for your desk can do wonders for your study area. They freshen up the air, inject some vibrant colour into the space and can grow with you as you go through your student journey. This one from MENU is crafted with modern city living in mind. Start with a Wire Base (available in three sizes) and add the MENU Wire Pot to create a look that is fresh and contemporary.