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Winter Yoga: Top 5 Exercises to Do at Home

Winter Yoga: Top 5 Exercises to Do at Home

It’s getting chilly outside but that’s no excuse not to keep your body - and mind - fit and strong. Read on for our 5 easy yoga exercises to do at home this winter.

Yoga teacher and author of The Yoga Body, Lola Berry reveals her top 5 exercises to keep you toned and stress-free this winter. Best of all, you don’t even have to leave the house to do them.

Yoga Exercise at Home #1: Warrior 1

Great for: Strengthening the legs and toning the arms.

How to do it

  1. Look forward, lift your right leg off the floor and step it between your hands.
  2. Place your left (back) foot at 45 degrees and widen your stance so your hips are facing forward (they will want to be on the diagonal but try to keep them square).
  3. Reach for the sky, spreading your fingers and keep a strong upward stretch.
  4. Deepen the front leg bend as far as possible.

Top Yoga Tip: “Think about aligning your knee above your ankle. To make it harder, find depth in the legs.

Yoga Exercise at Home #2: Forward Fold

Great for: De-stressing at any time of the day and helping you sleep.

How to do it

  1. Exhale and keep your thigh muscles contracted (this helps support the lower back) and slowly bend forward from the hips, not the waist.
  2. Gently lengthen your back and leg muscles as far as you can (it’s fine to bend your knees).
  3. Don’t worry about touching your toes, it’s more about relaxing and letting gravity work its magic.
  4. Make sure you relax your head, too. Your head weighs about 6kg so to let it go, give it few shakes right and left and up and down!

Top Yoga Tip: “The best bit about this is that you can do it anywhere – at home or in the office.”

Yoga Exercise at Home #3: Chair Pose

Great for: Toning your butt and thighs

How to do it

  1. Start with your feet together or hip width apart, whichever feels most stable for you.
  2. Inhale, stretch your arms out to the sides, then lift them straight up, palms facing each other and fingers outstretched.
  3. Keeping your thigh muscles switched on, your chest open, your arms reaching upward and your fingers active, sit back in your seat and be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Top Yoga Tip: “This is like the yoga world version of a squat. The pose burns and is a tricky one to hold, but remember you’re much stronger than you think. The lower you sit in to this pose the better. Aim to hold for 5 -10 breaths.”

Yoga Exercise at Home #4: Dancers Pose

Great for: Raising your heart-rate and boosting your balance.

How to do it

  1. Inhale, bring your left hand out to the side, with the palm facing up, and reach forward with your right arm.
  2. Bend your left leg at the knee and reach down with your left hand to grasp your left foot around the top of the ankle.
  3. Turn your tummy muscles on and kick your left leg back, pressing your foot and hand against each other at the same time as tilting forward. If you fall out of the pose, just get back in. Now try it on the other side.

Top Yoga Tip: “This pose raises your heart rate more than any other vinyasa yoga pose. It's tricky to hold but stay with it.”

Yoga Exercise at Home #5: Tree Pose

Great for: Promoting balance and staying connected to yourself

How to do it

  1. Stand feet hip-width apart.
  2. Add a kick or bring the balancing foot to the calf or thigh.
  3. Make sure you don’t press your balancing leg into your knee, it's the weakest joint in the body and you don't want to damage it.

Top Yoga Tip: “The next step is lifting your arms to the sky. Take your gaze skyward and finally try to balance with your eyes closed.”

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Thanks to Lola Berry for sharing with us her expert yoga exercises at The Myer Market. Images supplied from Beauty Food/The Yoga Body courtesy of Plum. Photographer credit: Armelle Habib.

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