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How to host the best World Cup party ever

How to host the best World Cup party ever

Because watching the world's biggest football match deserves more than just party pies. Kick off the 2018 FIFA World Cup in true style with our tips on planning the best World Cup party at The Myer Market.

World Cup Party Food

Having good food for your guests is essential, but it’s also important to provide sustenance without disrupting the main event.

“Pre-prepare all the food so it’s ready and on show when guests arrive,” advises events planner at Little Miss Party Planner Kelly Pagett. “Then people can help themselves without interrupting the game.”

Show you’ve put some thought into your party by theming your food so it’s relevant to the match you’re watching. “Find cheese from different countries and label each one,” suggests Pagett. “Load cupcake stands with cupcakes iced in team colours, or go the extra mile and create a mini football pitch with avocado for the grass, goal posts from breadsticks and plenty of chips in the middle for dipping. Of course, mini chocolate soccer balls are a must for a fun sweet touch.”

Although paper cups and plates might seem easier when it comes to clearing up, “real beer or champagne glasses give a classier feel to your event. They’re much better for the environment too,” says Pagett.


Party planner Kelly Pagett recommends that you prepare all your party food beforehand. When guests arrive, you're all ready to watch the big game.

Prep your party food with...

The Right Tech to Watch the Game

If you’ve invited people round to watch something on television, there’s no excuse for your equipment not to be up to scratch.

“It’s really important to have everything set up to a professional standard,” says Pagett. “You don’t want a room full of grumpy guests because you didn’t do a proper sound check or connect the right cables. Hire a projector, set up the surround-sound and do a thorough sound check.”

“On the day, have someone who knows what they’re doing on standby, just in case anything goes wrong. Music is equally important, so have a playlist ready for the quieter moments. This is great to also keep the mood alive if you have any technical errors with the television or projector.”


Check all your tech gear and devices before everyone arrives, to make sure that nobody misses a goal at your World Cup party.

Get the latest tech for your World Cup party...

Match Day Décor

“You’ve got two choices when it comes to your theming; keep it simple and classy, or go overboard and make it fun,” says Pagett. “Bunting and balloons are an affordable yet effective way to style a party. Fake grass or something green as the tablecloth looks like a soccer pitch and can be a great backdrop to food. World Cup inspired flavours such as mini soccer balls or whistles are a fun addition.”

“You could even set up a World Cup inspired drinks station; use two drink dispensers each filled with different coloured drinks to represent each team. Let guests pour their own drinks into glasses decorated with green ribbon. Add some black and white straws as a finishing touch.”


It's a party! Party planner Kelly Pagett says to make it fun with your World Cup party theme.

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Party Entertainment

Although the soccer is the main event, you still need some extra entertainment up your sleeve. “Games can get the party started, keep the children entertained and also liven up moments when your team are two goals down,” says Pagett. “Outside games could involve mini soccer shuttles and or a soccer game with mini goal posts.”

“If you’re limited on space, set up an art and craft table and get the children to make their own flags to represent each country. If all else fails, a quiz that everyone can take part in is always a great ice-breaker and atmosphere booster.”


”Mini soccer games can keep the kids entertained at any World Cup party,” says Pagett.

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