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This Winter’s Top Beauty Trends

This Winter’s Top Beauty Trends

Beauty expert Sigourney Cantelo gives her tips on how to get AW18’s catwalk looks at home. Read on for the latest winter hair and beauty trends.

Brushed brows

“A strong bushy brow has been on the fashion radar for a while now,” says founder and editor of Beauticate, Sigourney Cantelo. “First things first, step away from the tweezers. If you need help shaping your brows, a professional brow stylist will help show you where and where not to pluck. A good shape is essential to start with; if your brows are the right shape, they can make your eyes look bigger, make you look younger and bring out your cheekbones.”

Once the shape is right then you can style your brows at home. “Either use an eyebrow shadow or pencil to tidy your brows,” says Cantelo. “With a sharp pencil draw hair-like lines to give them an even colour, then a brow gel. Lots of these now have tiny brushes and are easy to use. Brush your brows up and push them in to line. If you don’t have brow gel, an old mascara wand and hairspray will do the trick too.”


The tools for brushed brows:


Avoid looking like a school girl or a constant festival-goer by wearing braids in the right way, says Cantelo. “A side braid along your hair-line or a small braid twisted into an up-do is really pretty but still grown up,” she says. “Braids are best done with day-old hair, as clean hair is too slippery. If your hair is too clean then dirty it up with some hairspray and give it a brush to give it some texture. Then use a tail comb to get a precise part before you get braiding. If you want to do fancy braids, then head to YouTube where you can find thousands of braiding tutorials.”

The tools for textured braids:


Blunt angular bob

“This is a very chic, grown-up look,” says Cantelo. “It draws attention to your neck line and looks great with masculine tailoring such as a sharp blazer and skinny jeans.” It can be worn in two ways. “Either style it in textured, relaxed waves, or sharp and straight. Either way, it’s best worn with a center part. Invest in a high-powered professional hairdryer for best results. For a straight look, blow-dry using a paddle brush to keep hair smooth, or for a beachy feel, use a conical curling tong for high-fashion waves.”

The right hair tools:

Glossy skin

Although you can fake this look with makeup, the best way to get a real dewy base is by lots of skin prep, “Lay the foundations by using a good exfoliator,” says Cantelo.

“A chemical product with either lactic or glycolic acid will slough your skin back and keep it from looking dull. Then to get a dewy, hydrated complexion that looks nice and plump, you need lots of light layers on your skin. First use a good serum with hyaluronic acid, then a layer of hydrating oil such as jojoba, avocado or rosehip works well. Finally, tap some Vaseline or glycerol on your cheekbones to get a lovely gleam. If you want to wear makeup, opt for a luminous foundation, BB or CC cream which will give a subtle pearlescent glow. This look is less about shimmer, and more about a chic gleam.”


The tools for glossy skin:

Image credits: Sigourney Cantelo, Editor and Founder of Beauticate

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