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3 Easy Ways to Pack School Lunchboxes Your Kids Will Love

3 Easy Ways to Pack School Lunchboxes Your Kids Will Love

Are your kids on sandwich strike? We hear you. That's why we asked a couple of food experts to share their top three tips on packing the perfect school lunchbox that your kids will love eating.

1. Avoid Monotony

If there’s one thing that will put your children off their packed school lunch, it’s soggy sandwiches that taste the same every day. But that doesn’t mean your life has to be more difficult.

“The key thing when it comes to planning lunchboxes is making the morning rush easier,” says food blogger and author of Tasty Tummies Healthy Lunchbox Recipe book Kylie Archer.

“Anything that can be frozen and grabbed from the freezer to put straight in the school lunchbox is fantastic. Some of my favourites are brown rice mini pizzas, noodle and veggie frittatas and sultana pikelets.

If you’re set on sandwiches, then think outside the box to pique your kids’ interest, says blogger at School Lunch Box, George Georgievski. “As far as creative, easy-to-make school sandwiches go, I like to include dumpling or spring roll sandwiches – they’re always a hit.”


Food blogger and mum of 2 Kylie Archer encourages parents to think outside the typical lunch box. Fun lunchbox items can include mini pizzas and interesting sandwich alternatives can be rolling them up into sushi shapes!

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2. Presentation

You don’t have to spend hours making a school lunchbox Instagram friendly, but good presentation will encourage children to eat what’s in front of them.

“Bear in mind that kids eat with their eyes first,” says Archer. “Using simple things such as skewers in sandwiches so they stay together and look good can make food much more appealing. Bite-sized home baked mini muffins look lovely and mini forks add some appeal for chopped fruit or salad.”

“Frozen grapes and frozen passionfruit are amazing sweet lunchbox inclusions that keep their shape, colour and look amazing,” says Georgievski. “Just include an icepack so they don’t go mushy.”

No child is going to eat a school lunch that’s spilled out everywhere, even if they like the food. “Using a bento leakproof lunchbox helps keep your lunch in tip top condition,” says Archer. “A compartmentalised container means everything stays in its place and looks good with minimal effort. As a general rule, I separate fruits from veg, and anything with sauce goes in a little bottle to reduce the sog factor.”

“Bento boxes are great as they’re airtight, so they stops the dreaded apple turning brown,” agrees Georgievski. “There’s no cross contamination of food in a bento box either, which certainly helps with the fussy little eaters that don’t like foods touching each other.”


School lunches that looks good will encourage children to eat. A compartmentalised school lunch box means that everything will stay in place and looks good with minimal effort, says blogger and dad of 2 George Georgievski.

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3. Make It Easy To Eat

“Children will be encouraged to eat their packed lunch if it’s easy for them to use everything in their lunchbox,” says Archer. “A good leak proof drink bottle that’s easy to flip open is essential. You should also have a good quality insulated cooler bag that’s easy to open and a good quality ice pack. A thermos can be handy for hot foods too.”

“Avoiding clingwrap and zip lock bags not only makes it easy for small hands to open easy containers, but it will also save around 30kg of waste per primary school child a year,” says Georgievski. “Nude food is really the way to go.”


Make primary school lunchboxes easy to use for small hands. Blogger Kylie Archer suggests uses easy to open lunch boxes and leak-proof drink bottles to encourage kids to dig into their packed lunches.

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Pack the perfect school lunch box with...

Thanks to Kylie Archer from Kidgredients and George Georgievski from School Lunch Box for providing great tips for fun kids school lunches and inspirational images of their kids lunch boxes.

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