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Winter Home: How to Enjoy your Garden Throughout Winter

Winter Home: How to Enjoy your Garden Throughout Winter

Don’t close up the bi-folds just because it’s chilly outside! Read on for our expert tips about how to use your outdoor space in the cooler weather...

“Winter needn’t mean less time spent in your outdoor spaces,” says structural landscaper, designer and horticulturist Matt Leacy from Landart Landscapes.

“You just need to adapt your outdoor space to make it right for the season and to keep maximising its potential.”

Winter Garden Tip #1: Protect Yourself

“To make sure your outdoor space is still inviting during the winter, you need to introduce features to bring warmth into it,” says Leacy. “That means increasing cover and protection, so wind and rain become less of a factor. Covered pergolas, retractable awnings and gazebos can protect key outdoor areas such as patio areas and outdoor kitchens, which often get less use in the cooler months."

"If you’re considering something more permanent, backyard pavilions can be a great option. These offer lots of covered space for tables, chairs, pots and plants – and lots of protection for outdoor entertaining. Either way, you can style the space internally to inject warmth, and then rethink the look and accents as you move into different seasons.”


Bringing in cover from the wind and rain creates great spaces for tables and chairs, and lots of protection for outdoor entertaining, says landscaper Matt Leacy.

For entertaining outdoors, try...

Winter Garden Tip #2: Inject Colour

Clever styling will make your outdoor space feel cosy, even if the weather is on the cool side. “Introduce colours such as browns, dark reds and blues,” suggests Leacy. “Cushions, coloured chairs and blankets all inject warmth too.”

Using organic materials for outdoor furniture can also bring a snug feel to an outdoor space. “Introducing timber is a great idea for winter,” says Leacy. “This works well in bench seating or around your fire pit area.”


Make your outdoor space feel cosy even in winter. Using cushions and timber furniture injects warmth to any garden space, recommends Leacy.

Inject outdoor colour, try...

Winter Garden Tip #3: Heat It Up

“Fire pits are a great addition to a backyard, deck or patio, and they’re far superior in ambience to portable heaters,” says Leacy. “They offer a functional and stylish way to warm your outdoor space and also make it perfect for entertaining. There’s nothing better than sitting by the fire, cooking food with friends and family."

"They’re also great for disposing of branches that may have fallen from your trees. The warmth and light generated by the pit mean you can continue to make use of all your outdoor furniture pieces in winter.”


In his experience, Landart Landscapes' Matt Leacy loves using fire pits to introduce warmth and light in outdoor spaces. Fire pits are functional, stylish and makes use of all your outdoor furniture in winter.

To warm up your patio, try...

Winter Garden Tip #4: Go Potty

“Use plants to bring some colour throughout the winter,” suggests Leacy. “Deciduous trees in a pot provide some spark. Something as simple as a red maple works brilliantly. In winter, it has no leaves but a beautiful hot pink stem that becomes a feature in itself. Sitting up against a dark or white coloured wall, it becomes a real stand out, especially when lit up at night.”


Leacy suggests using pots and plants to bring colour to your outdoor space in winter. Interesting pot plants against a plain wall can become a real stand out in your garden.

For stand-out pots and plants, try...

Thank you to our landscape designer and horticulturalist Matt Leacy for his expert advice on how to enjoy your gardens and outdoor spaces in winter. Image Credits: All projects by Landart Landscapes. Pictures taken by Jason Busch.

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