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Nappy Bag Buying Guide

May 17, 2019
Nappy Bag Buying Guide

Between nappies, wet wipes, toys, spare clothes, a changing mat, food and your own belongings, carrying all your baby accessories can be quite the handful. Nappy bags offer greater flexibility and organisation than your average bag or backpack, allowing you to grab a clean nappy or their favourite toy without hassle.

It’s like your own personal nanny that you carry around with you.

However, with such a large variety of nappy bags from every baby brand you can imagine, it’s hard to narrow down which one is right for you. From selecting a capacity that suits your lifestyle, to which features you need in a nappy bag, discover the full nappy bag buying guide below!

Types of Nappy Bags


We’ve put together this handy nappy bag infographic so you can easily see which style is right for you and bub!



Following a similar design as a traditional backpack, a nappy backpack differs as they typically have more storage compartments for all your baby changing accessories.

  • Better suited to active parents that want to keep both hands free

  • The shoulder straps of a backpack may interfere with a front child carrier

  • Backpacks are slower to access in a hurry

  • Easier to carry, as the weight is distributed across your back and both shoulders, rather than one arm or a shoulder like a tote bag or messenger bag

Tote Bag


Nappy tote bags are a large-style handbag that has two shorter handles or straps, which can be worn over one shoulder or carried in your hand. These are the most common type of nappy bag.

  • Most nappy tote bags offer larger capacities compared to other types of nappy bags

  • Heavy tote bags can get hard to carry or make your shoulder sore depending on the design of the handles or straps

  • A large tote bag may make it difficult to use both hands while carrying it

  • Most nappy tote bags are extremely easy to access in a hurry

  • Some nappy tote bags come with a messenger bag strap, giving you another way to carry the bag

Messenger Bag


Nappy messenger bags have one large strap the goes over your chest and opposite shoulder to the side the bag is on. They offer a good compromise between a nappy tote bag and backpack.

  • Most messenger bags come in smaller capacities and sizes compared to the other types

  • The bag can be swivelled around your body so it can rest on your front, back or hip comfortably

  • The contents of the bag can be easily reached

  • A heavy messenger bag has the potential to sway and lightly rub against you as you walk

  • You can easily use two hands to do things while wearing a messenger bag



Similar to a small purse, a nappy clutch is a lightweight, small capacity wallet that allows you to carry the baby changing essentials wherever you go.

  • Ideal if you don’t need to bring anything more than a nappy, some wet wipes and few other accessories with you

  • Often paired with a tote bag or backpack

  • Great for quick outings where a large nappy bag would be too cumbersome to carry

  • Due to the small size, you are limited in what can fit in the clutch, making it not ideal for long trips

  • Some clutches feature messenger bag style straps making it easy to carry, otherwise, you must carry it in your hand or pocket

Which is right for me?

Which bag you choose often comes down to your lifestyle with the child.

  • If you are an active parent with an adventurous baby, a backpack or messenger bag would better suit you as you’ll need both hands to keep in control of them

  • If you are a parent who carries a lot of their own belongings alongside their child’s changing accessories in the one bag, or just looking for an all-rounder nappy bag, you should consider a tote bag or backpack

  • If you have a ‘low-maintenance’ baby that doesn’t require many supplies when you explore the world with them, a messenger bag or clutch are the best lightweight options


Foremost, choose a nappy bag that suits your lifestyle!

Capacity and Size

Although buying the biggest nappy you can find may seem like a good idea, in this case, bigger isn’t always better.

Judging which size you need can be tricky, especially if you plan on buying online and can’t see the nappy bag in-person. However, the simplest way to know what size you need is to take inventory of the things you need to carry in the nappy bag.

Make a list, or better yet, get the physical items of what you plan on putting in the nappy bag in front of you. This will help visualise what size you need.


Sometimes, you’ll need to carry more than just usual changing accessories in a nappy bag…

Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing a nappy bag size:

  • Am I only carrying baby changing supplies in this bag, or will I also be using it to carry my own belongings too?

  • If I carry my own possessions in the bag, what are they and how big are they?

  • Will I be bringing every changing accessory I own in this bag or just the bare essentials?

  • Does the nappy bag fit into the storage compartment of my pram or stroller?

If you plan on taking more than just changing accessories, such as a bib and some spare clothes for baby, you’ll need a bigger bag. Furthermore, if you plan on taking ‘bigger’ belongings such as a laptop, spare shoes or a book, you’ll need a bigger nappy bag again.

On the other hand, if you only want to take the bare essentials, such as a couple of nappies, a small packet of wet wipes and a changing mat, then you’ll be able to use a smaller nappy bag.

Having a bag that is too big will be cumbersome to carry, while buying a bag that is too small may limit which changing supplies you can bring. Match the size of the bag you purchase with what you plan on putting in it.


Packing pods help keep your nappy bag organised.

Nappy Bag Features

Compared to a normal backpack or tote bag, a nappy bag includes many more compartments to help organise your baby changing accessories. However, depending on the size, brand, quality and price, many come with additional features to further improve the convenience of your nappy bag.

Here is a quick overview of some of the many features nappy bags can come with that you might want in yours:

Detachable changing mat: Some nappy bags come with a detachable changing mat built into the bag. This makes it easy to pull it out of the nappy bag and quickly lay it down. If your nappy bag doesn’t come with one, you’ll have to factor in the extra cost of buying a changing mat separately and whether it will fit in the bag.

Pockets and compartments: All nappy bags should come with a few different compartments to organise your accessories. However, some nappy bags come with more or less than others. The number of compartments you need will come down to your own personal organising habits.

Insulated bottle pocket: This handy pocket allows you to keep a bottle of milk warm or cold for a long period of time.

Washable lining: Accidents do happen, so being able to wash your nappy bag or at least the lining is an important feature to have. If it’s non-removable, check how easy it is to wipe down the inside and compartments.


You’ll want to make sure the nappy bag is comfortable to carry since you’ll be the one holding it most of the time…

Comfort: Since you’ll be carrying around this bag for the first couple years, making sure it is comfortable is essential. If you and your partner are different sizes, making sure the straps or handles are adjustable should also be considered.

Attachable to your pram or stroller: Some small to medium-sized nappy bags come with special hooks or straps that allow you to hang the nappy bag off your stroller’s handlebars. This frees up space in the pram’s storage basket and gives you quick access to your supplies. However, larger, heavier bags can’t be attached as they will tip the pram over.

One-handed operation: Ideally, you’ll want to be able to open up and take out your changing accessories with one hand. If you can, test to see if the nappy bag you are considering is simple to use like this or comes with plenty of zips and clips that make one-handed operation easy.

Style: How your nappy bag looks will come down to your own personal taste. But, keep in mind your partner's preferences, as they might be less inclined to use it if they don’t like how it looks. Modern nappy bags tend to have a ‘unisex’ look and colour scheme, so finding one you both can agree on should be easy.

Material: Nappy bags come in a wide range of materials, including leather, polyester, nylon and waterproof fabrics. Leather and waterproof fabrics are durable and great for outdoor use, while polyester is softer and comes in more colours.

Recommended Nappy Bags

Finding the right nappy bag for your busy lifestyle can take longer than you’d like.

Here is a small collection of some of the best nappy bags on the Myer Market.

Faux Leather Nappy Backpack


RRP $189.99

The OiOi Tan Faux Leather Nappy Backpack is a stylish and comfortable way to carry all your baby's needs. Grab the handle of the nappy backpack and sling it on your back with the adjustable padded shoulder straps, or attach it to the pram using the complimentary stroller clips when heading out & about. This attractive nappy bag comes with handy pockets to corral all your supplies, and it includes a cushioned changing mat, insulated bag for baby's bottle, and a zip top purse for dirties.


Faux Leather Nappy Bag comes with handy pockets to corral all your supplies!

Shop the Faux Leather Nappy Bag from OiOi

Mirano Nappy Bag


RRP $229

The Mirano Nappy Bag is stylish, convenient and packed full of features making it easy to organise all your baby changing accessories in one bag.


Organising everything from nappies to clean clothes has never been easier with the Mirano!

Key features

  • Three-in-one organisation system with separate compartments for feeding and changing accessories

  • Comes with changing mat, pram attachment clips and cross-body strap so you can carry it like a messenger bag

  • Opens through the top or front, allowing easy access to the feeding and changing compartments

  • The fashionable, yet durable cotton-canvas exterior makes cleaning spills and stains easy

Shop the Mirano Nappy Bag from PacaPod

Uni2 Nursery Nappy Bag - Earth Collection


RRP $175

A stylish nappy bag for the organised mum, the Uni2 from Joolz comes in a range of six colours to suit your preferred style. With multiple compartments and a wipeable lining, the Uni2 is the perfect addition to your Joolz pram.


The hardest part will be choosing which colour suits you...

Key features

  • Can be used as either a tote or messenger bag with its adjustable shoulder strap

  • The bag features an insulated compartment to keep bottles warm or cold and detachable changing mat

  • It’s 11 storage compartments allows you to organise your changing accessories quickly and easily

  • The Uni2 easily connects and compliments your Joolz pram

Shop the Uni2 Nursery Nappy Bag - Earth Collection from Joolz

Picos Pack Nappy Bag


RRP $199

Designed with the active parent in mind, the Picos Pack Nappy Bag from PacaPod offers high functionality mixed with discreet, sporty styling.


Great for parents who love exploring the outdoors with their child!

Key features

  • Cleanable inner liner with adjustable shoulder straps

  • Three-in-one organisation system with separate pods for feeding and changing accessories, similar to other PacaPod models

  • Enough cargo space to fit an average-sized laptop if organisation pods are removed

  • The bag is made from durable Cordura-style waterproof fabric

Shop the Picos Pack Nappy Bag from PacaPod


Final Thoughts

A nappy bag is like a superhero in disguise. It may not look like much from the outside, but when you really need it, it’ll be there for you. Without one, finding that toy or clean nappy in a hurry can be difficult.

It’s one of those baby accessories that you don't know how you lived without it before having one. However, when choosing which nappy bag will serve you and your child, it’s important to consider what you’ll be putting in it. The more accessories and belongings you need to take with you, the larger the nappy bag you’ll need.

It’s also a good idea to look ahead to what you’ll do with the nappy bag in the future. For example, a nappy backpack can be used as your child’s first school backpack, while a tote bag could become your overnight bag. You could even give it a new lease on life and pass it onto a new parent.

Looking for the perfect nappy bag? Discover the full range on The Myer Market today!