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6 Clever Ways to Decorate a Small Living Room

November 23, 2019
6 Clever Ways to Decorate a Small Living Room

If your living room is a little on the small side, it can feel a little claustrophobic to hang out in. Turn a small area into a genuinely cosy space so you can curl up and relax in your downtime! We’ve got some simple tricks up our sleeves to make your limited space appear bigger than it is. It’s not magic, just some smart styling. Read on for our 7 clever living room styling tips.

#1 Find your favourite sofa

A great living room all starts with the perfect sofa. If your living room is small, then it’s worth it to shop around for a sofa that’ll fit the space. It’s the item you’ll spend the most time getting comfy in and being one of the largest pieces of furniture, it’s central to the room’s look and feel. You’ll never get the living room you want if you don’t think of the sofa first!

To avoid choosing the wrong sofa, think simple and timeless. Overly ornate sofas take up more space and leave you with very limited styling options in a small room. Minimalist sofa designs such as Koala Living's white 2.5 seater sofa brings clean lines and leaves you with lots of options to style up your small living room, in any way you like.


#2 Style Upwards

The classic stylist trick to create the illusion of space? Make the most of the height of the room by bringing in tall or vertical elements such as bookcases.

Hanging shelves like H&G Designs Mushroom Roundi Strap Shelves are a great way to accentuate vertical space because it draws the eye upwards. Decorate it with your own personal touch with plants, books and ornaments. For a minimalist look, Bendo have simple pots and ornaments that are sure to provide maximum effect. Keep in mind, too many items will start to clutter and overcrowd the room!


#3 Upsize your Rug

Like the vertical trick with bookshelves, big rugs can maximise the illusion of a wider space. Avoid “small rug syndrome”, the rule of thumb is to use one large rug in a tiny room to make the most of the width that you’ve got.

If you’re unsure of how big to buy your rug, an easy way to start is to pick one that is wider than your sofa. A rug in a bright colour and bold pattern, like the Harlequin woollen rug from Rug Culture, will work wonders.


#4 Get Well Rounded with Furniture

Hard angles can make a big difference in a limited space. Living room furniture with rounded edges or circular shapes can give the illusion of more room. Varying up your furniture shapes also stops your room from looking like a sea of straight lines.

Round coffee tables like Harper's Projects' round marble table gives you all the table space you need as well as adding an unexpected and interesting element to the room. Plus, no sharp edges mean less chance of bumping your knees on a sharp corner as you move around it!


#5 Coordinate with artwork

Create a sense of unity in a small room with wall artwork. A large bold piece in coordinating colours to your décor and furniture can elevate your living room style to something luxurious and unique. For wall art with a fresh difference, try IXXI’s innovative new range of large wall hangings from Until. The Dutch-designed system is made up of individual squares and connectors, so you can display stunning works of art in any room.


#6 Tuck it in

Use your small living room as efficiently as possible by making the most of the space underneath your coffee table. Use it to tuck in some sneaky storage, or a small ottoman, or tuck in another table! Nested tables like Innovatec’s Corey side tables means you can expand or shrink your table space whenever you need, in modern Scandinavian style.


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