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Arc NZ Baby Designer Safety Furniture

Arc NZ Baby Designer Safety Furniture

Doing it for all the mums and dads around Australia and NZ, Arc NZ Baby creates Scandinavian inspired designer safety furniture for babies and toddlers…

Cara Gullick, Director of Arc NZ Baby, knows that when beautiful design brings together form and function, the world becomes a better place. After chats with her ‘mum’ friends, Cara discovered that many of the products which would make parents lives easier were simply not available in Australia and New Zealand.

“We listened to the struggles that many Australian and Kiwi parents are having around the need to juggle meal preparation with looking after toddlers at the same time.”


Arc NZ Baby knows that it’s hard for parents who have their hands occupied with food preparation to entertain toddlers at the same time, who always want to be involved.

“We heard over and over about little ones getting under their feet, wanting ‘up’ or on the bench and playing the disappearing act, all while meals are trying to be prepared. The pressure for parents to multitask is an understatement.”

"We then discovered piles of scientific research detailing the importance of connectivity between adult and toddler during the toddlers first 1000 days of life. Connecting with your child as much as possible helps to support the frontal cortex part of their brain to develop during this crucial developmental period. From these clear needs, the Arc Assistant Collection was born."


The Arc Assistant Original is a ‘Learning Tower’ that lifts little ones up to bench height so they can stand and interact with mum and dad.

The Arc Assistant Original

The Arc Assistant Original is the result of Cara’s ingenuity, a Scandinavian inspired, Australasian made Learning Tower, that enables toddlers to stand up at bench height.

The Learning Tower's design boosts little ones up to bench height, enabling adults and toddlers to interact morning, noon and night during what would otherwise be lost learning opportunities. In connecting parents closer to their kids, Cara hopes that it will reduce stress for busy parents, increase family fun and to foster the crucial development of a toddler’s first 1000 days of life.


The Arc Assistant Original aspires to connect parents closer to little ones in their crucial first 1000 days of life.

The Arc Assistant 3-in-1

The Arc Assistant 3 in 1 takes the Original and multiplies it by three: Three times the safety & fun in one! The very clever design makes the Arc Assistant more than just a little helper stool for children, it also converts to a Toy Box and an Island Bench.


Being closer to mum and dad in the kitchen means that toddlers can learn healthy food preparation from a young age.

When used as the Learning Tower, the Arc Assistant 3 in 1 helps to assist children to safely stand by their parents at the kitchen bench (or other benches). The Learning Tower lets busy parents work in the kitchen with little ones nearby, safe and occupied with fun bench activities. The ability to be close to each other means that from a young age, toddlers can learn about healthy food preparation from mum and dad!

Crafted not only for safety in mind, the 3-in-1 aims to grow up alongside your little ones. Its ability to convert into other uses when your toddler outgrows the Learning Tower, makes it a product that can be used by the whole family for years to come. That’s why the Island Bench Top was added as a conversion option, to make the Arc Assistant a functional kitchen item when not in use with toddlers.

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