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Mulberry Silk Pillowcase 8 Colours - Lujo Home

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Our Lujo Home Silk pillowcase is made from 22 Momme 100% Long strand Mulberry Silk. Grade 6A which is the best available. Our silk pillowcase is well know to be a great for your hair as well as skin.

Sleep on Silk for a Flawless Complexion and Better Health

Silk bedding has emerged as an epitome of luxury. This fabric is smooth to touch and wicks away moisture from the body, offering the ultimate comfort. Besides its lustrous beauty, Mulberry Silk boasts a myriad of health benefits that you might not be aware of.
Once you switch to silk bedding, your life will change forever. Your skin and hair will look better, your sleep will be deeper, and maybe even help you to enjoy a more flawless complexion.

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Why Choose Silk?

Silk isn't just for the wealthy. At Lujo Home we offer luxurious silk bedding options that can fit into any budget. Mulberry Silk fabric is a natural, healthy option for you and your family. It's particularly beneficial for women as it may provide some relief from hot flashes, can help prevent some skin conditions, and possibly even slow down aging of skin and hair.

In a clinical trial, up to 85 percent of menopausal women who slept on silk sheets experienced a reduction in hot flushes. This material may also help reduce allergies and skin infections due to being naturally hypoallergenic and can be resistant to mites and germs.
This may come up as a surprise, but sleeping on silk can take years off your face. According to health experts, silk pillowcases are an added secret to a more wrinkle-free skin. This soft, luxurious fabric can help slow down the aging process and can also help retain moisture in your skin.

Treat Your Skin Like Royalty

Silk is so popular for a good reason. It not only feels amazing to touch but also regulates your temperature and enhances your natural beauty. Albumen, a natural compound in silk, promotes cellular regeneration and reduces the signs of aging.

Our 22 momme mulberry silk fabric is an excellent choice for those struggling with allergies and sensitive skin. Mold, bacteria, and fungus don't like mulberry silk. Once you switch to silk bedding, this can reduce the exposure to these allergens which can then help to improve your health.

Moreover, mulberry silk provides better insulation and superior comfort compared to cotton. It keeps you warmer in the winter and cool on the hot summer days, leading to a better night's sleep. On top of that, it reduces friction, so you'll hair will look amazing day and night. Split ends and tangled hair will be no longer an such a big issue. Also see our Mulberry Silk filled quilt/duvet.

What are you waiting for? Pamper yourself with a luxurious mulberry silk pillowcase! Your skin and hair will thank you!


Material: 100% mulberry silk, 22 momme for extra quality; Silk both sides of pillowcase

Style: Hidden zipper closure design, comfortable to sleep on both sides of pillowcase

Color: Your choice of: Black, Charcoal, White \ Ivory, Pink, Caramel, Blue, Plum Purple, Navy - same colour both sides of pillowcase
Size: Your choice of: Standard 50 cm x 66 cm or Queen 50 x 76 cm
Quantity: 1 Pillowcase and Giftbox

Brand: Lujo Home
Type: Pillow Cases
Material: Silk
Availability: Buy online
ID: 100068724

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Mulberry Silk Pillowcase 8 Colours - Lujo Home

Now from $69.95 From $74.95

Ships within Australia
Buy online only
Become a MyerOne member and earn 138 points on this purchase


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